Tuesday, January 02, 2007

In Remembrance

Today Baby Emma would be 1 year old. It has been a difficult holiday season thinking that we should have been celebrating her 1st Christmas. Instead we spent it missing her terribly. New Year's was no fun because it brings back memories of the past year as everyone asks you to reflect on the past year. I told my care group in Bible Fellowship that I have dubbed the year 2006 as the year "the Lord gives and the Lord takes away." He gave us so many blessing, but He also took things as well. It is all part of His will and I know it is good and perfect but it still hurts and you still feel voids in your heart. Baby Emma is better and home with Jesus. Am I jealous? Heck yes! But I know that my time will come when God is ready for me. And I can't wait until the day when I see Him face to face and am able to praise Him for all He has done for me and my family and for the blessings (even those in disguise) that He has provided during my days on Earth.

Please also say a prayer for the Doriot family as they are experiencing a trying holiday season and January. Their sweet little Gus would have been 2 in a couple of weeks. They have been such an encouragement to our family all the while working through their own grief. You can read more about Gus at the Gus's Gang Link on the right.


Jenny-up the hill said...

We are remembering sweet little Emma today and remembering your family also...I too am jealous that we are not there!! I so look forward to being Home but, like you, until then I will praise the Lord and strive to be filled with joy!!

Just_da_clay said...

Can't you just see Gus and Emma playing at the feet of Jesus laughing and filled with such joy! Thank you for your blog today. I too am anxious to meet face to face. We all have our jobs to do here until he is ready for us. I am thankful for you today and always!