Tuesday, January 02, 2007

2007 Goals

For 2007 I am setting goals for my life, not creating a list of resolutions. For one, I believe goals are more motivating and secondly I believe that several of these are changes I need to make in my life long term, not just for the year 2007. So here is my list. I hope to provide a monthly update on how I am doing.

1. Memorize 26 individual verses and 1 chapter of the Bible
2. Read the New Testament
3. Run 3 times per week (failed miserably...but I'm still trying!)
4. Keep house cleaner (not necessarily spotless, just cleaner!)
5. Eat healthier
6. Lent: Give Up Eating Out (I only had to eat out when I was out of town...and I felt better and lost weight during this time. Go me!)
7. Find a new job
8. Run 3rd half marathon (hope for personal best)
9. Raise $150 for Cystic Fibrosis -- I raised $270! Woohoo!!!!!!!!
10. Take meals to Ronald McDonald House Twice
11. Read all the books on my nightstand and dresser (except the scary one that mom lent me)12. Watch all the movies that I own (DVD and VHS)
13. Go hiking at least 4 times
14. Finish cross-stitch projects
15. Finish scrapbooks that are "in-process"

Some of these obviously have to be completed like number 7, while numbers 1 and 2 are areas where I know I need to improve in my spiritual life along with more time spent in prayer. I have also already started reading the New Testament, but I do not count this as cheating since it is a goal to have read it all by the end of the year (in addition to my small group study and other personal study.) What are some of your goals? If you are having trouble determining goals, I would encourage you to visit the Sevier Heights webpage and listen to Pastor Hollie's sermon from 12/31/2006 when it is available (which should be this week.)

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Jenny-up the hill said...

Great goals!! I have a big list of 101 things I want to accomplish in 1001 days...I'm having fun working on the list. Please, do tell, what is the scary book your mom lent you??? lol!!