Thursday, February 11, 2010

Some Housekeeping

1) I apologize for the nasty pop-up you get if you actually click on my blog to read it. I made my Twitter account private for a while. It will be back eventually, but for now please know that I needed something that was not out there for the world to see. I could just take that feature off, but then I'd have to go put it back on. So, until I decide what to do, please just "x" out of the annoying pop-up box and know that I love you even more for taking the time to do so to read my randomness.

2) I hope to finish up my dining room project tomorrow night. Well, finished up enough to take pictures and post the before and afters. I'm super pumped about how it is all coming together.

3) I am tired. The kind of tired that I think only a week in bed will cure. And by a week in bed, I mean a week in bed with no insomnia. I have no idea why I have insomnia, but I do. And I'm the kinda girl who needs 8 hours of solid sleep (at least) to function as a normal human. The fact that I have not lost it on anyone yet is nothing more than a miracle. That and I don't have the energy because I am so tired.

1 comment:

Adam Byram said...

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