Saturday, February 20, 2010

Oh Beautiful Day

Today has been one wonderful day! My friend Angela texted me early this morning to let me know that her husband was going to work so she'd be able to run errands with me. I knew I had to run errands today so having someone to go with me forced me to leave my house and get out. And it was beautiful! Having spent the past few days in the frozen land called the American mid-west, I was so excited to put flip flops on my feet. So we shopped and then ate at Gringos. It's no Chipotle, but it's definitely a nice step up from Moe's or Q'doba. After we finished up a few loose ends I dropped her off at home and checked Twitter for the first time all day. I saw that Annette and Danna were going to the park so I tagged along. Such fun. Annette has 3 of the cutest kids and it was so fun to see them in an environment outside of Sunday school. The middle one, C, is such a cuddle-bug on Sunday mornings. Oh, and I totally blame Annette for the fact that I stopped at McDonald's for a $1 sundae. With caramel of course. Once the kids got tired we all headed our separate ways. Such a great day though. Most of my stuff has been purchased for my next big adventure and I got to hang with some really cool people who are becoming a bigger part of my life here in the low country. Now it's off to do unfun things like laundry, but knowing I had such fun all day makes it all worth while.

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