Tuesday, February 09, 2010

The Greatest Gift

Have you ever given someone something and it almost made you happier to be the giver than it made the recipient to receive it? And it's not that they weren't happy, but eventually the gift will wear out, or get lost, or possibly even end up in a yard sale or at Goodwill. But you know you gave them a gift. And you obtain more happiness from knowing you made their day than they possibly received over the life of the gift. Maybe it was the element of the surprise in them not expecting the gift. Maybe it was the thought you put into the gift and knowing how perfect it was for that one special person.

I wonder if God ever looks at us and feels that way. That He gave us the most perfect gift ever. And unfortunately as we go through life we do forget. It's not that it's a permanent kind of forgetting. Especially if we acknowledge Him as our Savior. But the forgetting that happens as we go about life. Maybe when we stump our toe or have to deal with that incredibly difficult person in our lives. But God doesn't forget. He remembers. And we remember we sit back and think "Wow, how blessed am I that He would give me the greatest gift of all. A gift that can never wear out, never break, and is impossible to return." And know that no matter how happy we are, He is immeasurably more pleased. He knew the perfect gift for us at the perfect time.

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Shanle said...

Thank you for that.