Thursday, January 15, 2009

You're Safe, I Promise

I'd like to take a break from the ever-so-exciting posts from this week to let you know you are safe. How do I know this? Because I went to the Charleston County building today and put my purse and jacket through the x-ray machine. The ever-so-observant security guard quickly made me remove this item from my purse as I might poke someone's eye out with the file. (He actually demonstrated how I would do such a thing.)

I willingly gave up my "weapon" because it would have cost more to take it back to my car and pay for the additional time in the parking garage than it would to buy a new "weapon." However, as I stood in line in the tax assessor's office, I became relieved to know the dangers of the above "weapon" because I would have assumed the below (which was in my jacket pocket) was more dangerous.

Yes, I still have the Leatherman. Mr. Security Guard did not pay attention to my jacket for fear I would extract my anger at county government with my "weapon."

1 comment:

Grace said...

I already feel safer knowing that you no longer have that nail file. That's a lethal weapon! I mean, you could put out someone's eye with a flying fingernail!