Wednesday, January 14, 2009

30 Items I've Purchased in the Past 30 Days

  1. Gas – BP is my preferred provider these days
  2. This t-shirt
  3. A gift for my cousin’s graduation (you get no link because she reads this blog)
  4. A new phone for my mama
  5. An iPod for the Doodlebug and her mom (that would be my sister for those who care)
  6. Taylor Swift’s new CD
  7. Milk
  8. Chex Mix makings because it isn't Christmas without Chex Mix
  9. Cute Wallflower holders
  10. Approximately 50 spools of nice Christmas Ribbon (at 50 cents a spool it was a steal at the Wal-Mart)
  11. P.S. I Love You
  12. This t-shirt
  13. Lingerie for Arynda (you get no link because it’s lingerie)
  14. Amazing food at restaurants such as Ya-Yas and EVO
  15. Chick-Fil-A chicken biscuits and sweet tea
  16. A gift for the dad to give the mom for her birthday
  17. Cute Fall pumpkins to decorate with next fall on clearance at the Pottery Barn outlet
  18. Halloween pancake molds at the William-Sonoma outlet
  19. Shampoo – Garnier-Fructis is my current obsession (don’t worry, it’s still Aveda products to finish off the straight or the curly hair-do)
  20. Notebooks for work – 1 for each company so I can keep things straight
  21. New sweaters – it’s cold at the beach!
  22. Cool new glasses with clip on sunglasses
  23. Prescription safety glasses because I’m a nerd like that I would rather wear them than the bulky ones that go over the cool new glasses
  24. Bittersweets - I got the dejected tin
  25. Dog Shampoo – It’s not all about me around here
  26. Containers to put all my Christmas cookies in next year
  27. One year’s worth of HOA dues
  28. Wii Fit
  29. Fun, black flats
  30. Caesar salad with friend calamari

Yeah, that was random. Oh well. Come back tomorrow for another wonderful list. I'm sure it will be as entertaining as this one was. Ok, so I lie. It may be even more boring. We'll just have to wait and see where the randomness leads.


Grace said...

Actually, I purchased the Wii Fit and you paid me back. ;) You forgot the air compressor that was the MOST important thing you bought.

Jesse and Leslie said...

Is Taylor's album good? I have been hearing alot about her lately. Miss you girly!

Kerri said...

Where is there a Pottery Barn and W-S outlet??? I am glad I don't live near them... I would spend way too much money! :-) And I love the new background (sorry I'm a little behind on that).