Monday, January 19, 2009

It Happened One Friday

Well, actually it happened last Friday. I turned thirty. It seems better to type it out than to write 30. Less invasive somehow. How, might you ask, did I celebrate such an occasion. Well, to begin with my Facebook wall exploded with well wishes from friends, old and new. My phone beeped with text messages from those I would not see that day. Emails came from friends as well as phone calls from family. (And yes, Doodlebug told me she was working on my Christmas present. Last year she wished me a Merry Christmas. I guess I remind her of Christmas. Not sure what that means.) Mom came down so we could relax. And relax we did. It was a spa day for us girls. We had mud wraps, hot stone massages, and a microdermabrasian facial. And I know I proabably misspelled that but who cares. I'm old. Give me a break. Anyways, those 3 hours were amazing. I'm not sure yet if it was the pampering or the fact that I had no access to my cellphone or work email for 3 hours. Bliss. Pure Bliss. Saturday night, Grace joined us and we went to eat at South End Brewery. Yes, it is still one of my favorites, but I will not be going there again when the termperatures are cold. They apparently have no heat. It was miserable, but the food and the company were the best. So, my blog header has been re-worded because I am not longer twenty-something, but my life is still random and I don't see that changing because I added another year to my age. So here's to the adventure we'll call the 30s. May it be more than I deserve.


Tony said...

A belated Happy Birthday, Carrie!

megan said...

Happy Birthday girl. Welcome to the club.

Kerri said...

I hope 30 is a great year for you!!