Wednesday, April 05, 2006

What Bible lesson would you want to hear?

Our Bible Fellowship teacher (that's Sunday School teacher to all of you old-school people) is giving us the opportunity to submit ideas for lessons once we have finished Romans. (Yes, he has also told us we will eventually finish studying through Romans.) Now, I know that numerous times throughout my life I've thought to myself "I wish I could hear a lesson on this topic or that topic," but I can't think of them now. I shall start writing them down from now on though so if I am ever posed with this question again I will have my list to fall back on. But for now, I must move forward. I think I am going to suggest he teach on the twelve disciples. Who were these men before they were disciples? What are their backgrounds? What happened to them after Jesus was crucified and resurrected? How did they continue their ministry? How did they die? Some of these questions are very obvious and touched on in various other lessons, but I still think to hear it all at one time would be very educational. Do you have any thoughts or suggestions for lessons that you have always wanted to hear?


Tryphena said...

I'd like to hear a lesson on "how to ask somebody out." Or maybe "which version of the Bible is the *best*"

Brooke said...

ooh, me too, me too!!!!