Friday, April 07, 2006

Men Step Up, Women Step Down

I just read an interesting article on Dr. Mohler, president of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, wrote an article in defense of a message he delivered at the 2004 New Attitude conference. In the address, he spoke of the immaturity of adults these days, mainly men, who want to act like they are in their early 20s well into their 30s. I agree with what Dr. Mohler is saying in this article. Society has made both men and women so career driven that the desire for marriage is taught to be "minimized" while in these years so the free time you do have can be acted upon as if you were still in the early years of college. Is this Biblical? Paul speaks of the call to celibacy as special for those who could only perform the ministry that one is called to do as a single person. But in order for us to see the opportunities that God places in our lives, men need to step it up a notch in pursuing these Biblical relationships and women need to back down on their quest to be the most successful woman in their career before deciding to settle down with one person. Many of you have heard my "Whatever happened to June Cleaver" speech on several occasions, but was life really so bad back then? I know there are you Rosie the Rivetor types who will argue we have it so much better these days, but is that really true?

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