Saturday, July 25, 2009

The ABC's of Me

I totally stole this off the ever-so-fabulous Amy Beth's blog. If you don't read her blog I suggest you check it out. She just took a trip to Eg*pt and moved into a fabulous new house which has an uber-cool sink. Oh, and she has great hair.

A is for Age… 30 and flirty (or not)

B is for Bed… mine has clean them!

C is for Chore… hate them, but I like folding towels, and vacuuming

D is for Dog… that should be plural: dogs. Murphy (spitz) and Trudie Faye (Schnauzer)

E is for Essential… Chick-Fil-A Chicken Biscuits

F is for Favorite… food...I love to eat. So food is my favorite (and food starts with F which makes it perfect for this line)

G is for Gold… please

H is for Height… 5'3" or so. Totally jealous ABB is 5'5" because that is my desired height.

I is for Instrument… the maintenance required light is lit on my car's instrument panel. Must get oil changed

J is for Job… I work a lot. But I'm employed. Thank you, Jesus!

K is for Kids… Doodlebug and I had some good quality time together this week

L is for Living… well, I'm not dead

M is for Mustard… yuck

N is for Nickname… no thank you. My mama named me Carrie for a reason.

O is for Overnight… I slept amazing considering there was a 6 year-old and two dogs in my bed with me

P is for Pasta… with cheese sauce please

Q is for Quote… "Bravery comes when you know the risks might happen, and you still go on with life." (*** Quote from "True Courage" by Dee Henderson)

R is for Right… handed

S is for Sibling… she just left after visiting for a week.

T is for Time… who cares because it is Saturday

U is for Under… should always wear clean underwear because your mama said so

V is for Vegetable… yes...especially right now because they are all fresh and delicious (except for lima beans)

W is for Watermelon… growing in my daddy's garden...can't wait until they are big enough to eat.

X is for X-Ray… I've had them. They are overrated.

Y is for Yummy… Good food shared with good friends or family. Always the best.

Z is for Zoo… There's a mini one at Charles Towne Landing. It's Doodlebug's favorite thing to do here.


Grace said...

You let Murphy sleep in the bed?

Amy Beth @ Ministry So Fabulous! said...

Such sweet comments! Thank you. :)