Thursday, February 05, 2009

Things I Should Be Blogging About More Regularly

So, in my absence of real posts (like I ever write such a thing around here) I thought I'd try to catch you up on what's been happening in my life since I turned the big 3-oh.

1) I so did not have a conversation with my car this morning about how my car does not like the cold weather. Nope, not me. This would be a great post for Not Me Monday, but we all know I can never remember to do those types of posts on the days that I am supposed to.

2) Speaking of Not Me Monday, have you ever read MckMama's blog? If not, and you're female (guys I think you'll be less interested) you should. This woman is a riot. And her kids are so cute. She less off-the-wall random than Pioneer Woman.

3) I just found a nail in the screen of my window upstairs. The construction in the lot next to mine is responsible. I'm hoping the builder will replace my screen. We'll see. With all the contracts you have sign saying you are aware the neighborhood is under construction (which I think are due mostly to noise early in the AM as well as potential nails in the road) I'm not sure they will. But I'll be calling to ask.

4) Speaking of nails in the road, I think they just throw them out there on purpose. I picked up at least 20 in front of the house next door. And then noticed it appears they just dumped a bucket full of them right next to the road. Lovely.

5) I received Camp Cucamonga from NetFlix today. It's been years since I've seen this movie. Oh I love these types of movies.

6) New In Town was stinking hilarious if you like Chick Flicks. Or have ever worked with someone from Minnesota.

7) My friend Grace moved in and took over one of the upstairs bedrooms. Please say a prayer for her as she is currently looking for employment in this downward economy.

8) I got to watch the season premiere of LOST with a long-time friend. Like we went to elementary school together long-time friend. It was nice to be able to hang out with somone I've known for so long.

9) I hosted a "soup"er bowl party for a few of my friends. A good time was had by all but we ate so many appetizers there is still a huge bowl of broccoli cheese soup in my fridge. Good thing it's been cold this week. No snow for us this far South though. We just get snow.

10) My new addiction is House. Seriously, the man is my fictional-TV-character-hero. And I want to be just like him when I grow up to be a fictional-TV-character. Seriously.

Ok friends. That should be enough random things that I should have made whole blog posts about but have not. Thanks for sticking with me through the downtimes.

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Adam Byram said...

Glad you're finally getting in on House - it's a great show. Not sure what I think about LOST this season though - I'm still watching it, but it's still going as slow as ever. When you get done with your current TV shows, you really should check out Battle Star Galactica (it's almost over...few episodes left) - but it's really, really good (as long as you're ok with scifi + drama)...if you do start watching it, you'd need to go all the way back and start with the mini-series though. :)