Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Gingham Mountain by Mary Connealy

I am blessed to never know what it was like to be orphaned.  Especially at a time in our country when you were put on a train and hoped that someone would adopt you off the train.  I remember my roommate in college telling how her grandparent had been adopted off an orphan train.  It’s impossible to trace your family history at that point.  However, I believe those lucky enough to be adopted into families that loved them didn’t mind.  They were thankful.  I believe orphans today are thankful when adopted into families that love them and take them as one of their own.  

That being said, had I been an orphan in the 1800s and ended up at the last stop I’m not sure how I would have felt.  And how would I have reacted when a man in his late 20s showed up and took me and any other stragglers back to his ranch where I would be met with several other adopted brothers and sisters.  I’m not sure if the feeling would be that of gratitude or leeriness.  Especially when the new school teacher is not exactly thrilled with the arrangement.  

Come to Gingham Mountain and meet Grant Cooper and Hannah Cartwright who have more in common than either want to admit.  Will Hannah succeed in having the children removed from an unsafe environment?  Or will she discover secrets that cause her to evaluate her heart and what true love really is all about? 

This book was truly a pleasure to read as it did charge my mind to think about things and how my heart would have been hurt and the walls would have been put up in the situations that are described within the pages.  I hope you’ll pick up Gingham Mountain and think through these situations for yourself.  

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