Wednesday, December 31, 2008

It's a Wrap

It's officially here.  The final day of 2008.  And while it will be a second longer than the last 3 years it is still going to end.  I'm celebrating the New Year in the central time zone so I suppose my 2008 will have 1 hour and 1 second longer than previous years and my 2009 will have 1 hour less than previous years, but who is really counting.  I obviously have put way too much thought into this whole thing.  

Oh 2008, what a year you have been.  My family went on their first vacation together since I was in 8th grade.  1993 I think.  We did go to the same place, but this time we added my niece.  It was the first plane trip for she and my sister and it proved a success.  A good time was had by all and we met the princess.  

It was also the first time I ventured out of this country I love so much.  I was able to drive through the rolling hills of Ireland (on the wrong side of the road and car!), see the Scottish Highlands, walk up and down the Royal Mile, and visit London. 

I also saw the passing of two dear family members.  One had led a very long life and was an inspiration to many.  The other was taken from this Earth far too soon.  But God's plans are bigger than ours and His ways are better than hours.  We are moving on as a family, though some days are difficult.  I have watched my parents step up to the plate in ways I could never have imagined to help. 

I bought a new house and am attempting to make it a home.  I am also trying to embrace the life God has for me in a town I still can't quite call my own.  Decisions need to be made about certain things, but I know He will lead me to the right place.  

2009 will usher in some changes.  I will not longer be in my twenties.  More friends are getting married and the list of single friends ready for an adventure is getting smaller.  I will watch another friend move overseas and one return from her adventure there.  I will attempt to get back into a healthier lifestyle, watch my budget, and spend more time with Him.  I will probably spend more time on a plane this year than ever before.  I am setting a goal that things will be better at work by the end of 1st quarter.  If not then at least by the end of second quarter.  I know it can be done.  I just have to make it happen and trust He will guide me through the rough patches, of which there will be plenty.  I hope to indulge less in things that cost money and indulge more in things that create memories.  

Here's to you.  May 2009 bring you everything you hope for and more.  Cheers!


Adam Byram said...

Well, if you get an iPod Touch or an iPhone, you may get a free promo code that could help you with your 2009 budget... ;) Sounds like you had a relatively good 2008 - I'm really going to have to get a passport...gotta try to overseas thing too at some point in the not too distant future.

Tony Lester said...

Happy New Year, Carrie!

Kerri said...

Great post... I need to write a similar one. A lot of your's applies to me too so I may just copy bits and pieces. :-) Happy New Year!

Shanna said...

I hope your time in Memphis was fun! We had a Great time here in Morristown bringing in the New Year! Sorry we missed you, hope to see you soon!


Dawn said...

Happy New Year! Great goals.
I noticed that you are living in the lowcountry. I live right outside of Charleston.