Thursday, December 18, 2008

What Day Is It Again?

I've noticed around the blogosphere (not that I stalk read a lot of blogs) that you can do the following: Works for Me Wednesday, Thursday Thirteen, Photo Hunters, Faith Lift Fridays, Wordless Wednesday, etc. etc. etc. However, I hardly ever remember to do the correct thing on the correct day because that would require organization and if you saw my coffee table right now you would know that organization is not high on my priority list since the maid moved out. Actually she never lived here. Dern. I forgot to buy the house with the maid and the maidsquarters. No pool boy either. My entire yard is hardly big enough for a wading pool for a 2 year old. And no, there is no 2 year old either. Just me. And the dog. So, for all practical purposes when I have something to post I'm going to post as follows:

Works-For-Me-Wednesday-On-Thursday (I mean, obviously if it worked on Wednesday it should work on Thursday.)

A shortcut I have found in the kitchen is that is I am microwaving something that is less than 1 minute and 39 seconds I type in the time as follows:

1 min 30 seconds = 90 seconds
1 min 15 seconds = 75 seconds

Rather than pushing 130 or 115 I only have to push two buttons: 90 and 75 respectively. This saves me seconds in my cooking/melting/heating. I hope it helps you save some time too!

*** For more useful Works For Me Wednesday tips head over to Rocks In My Dryer. She's the real deal.

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Grace said...

You are too funny! I always type in the minutes and seconds. Guess I don't save time like you do!