Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Top 5 Enjoyable Things - Christmas Break 2008

1. Mayfields

Whether it is the milk, ice cream, or the sweet tea, this stuff rocks my socks off.  This is the same company that brought us Snow Cream Ice Cream 5 years ago.  How do I remember that?  Doodlbug and I polished off a half-gallon during various visits in front of the fire at my parents home.  My parents always bring me a gallon of their delicious milk when they come to visit now.  It's marvelous.  

2. Doodlebug's Shenanigans

Did you know the correct pronunciation of Charleston is Char-less-town.  I'm just saying.  It's the stuff like that I miss the most.  

3. Friends, Food, and Memories

I was able to have lunch with Connie and kids at Gondolier on Monday.  The kids dined on salad and spaghetti.  When her oldest told her dad that night what we had done she said "We went to the tea room and had pasta salad."  The Gondolier is nothing like the tea room but I guess pasta and a salad is kinda like pasta salad.  This is the same kid her told her dad I was amazing.  She's one of my favorites!

4.  Cold Weather

Don't get me wrong, I love living further South and enjoying the sun, but something about Christmas screams to me the need for cold weather, warm drinks, and cozy jackets.  I have definitely felt more wintery since coming here. 

5.  Christmas Oreo's

Seriously, nothing says the holiday more than the normal white filling being dyed red.  It's festive, sweet, and right up my alley.  

Well, that does it for now.  Come back after Christmas when I'm going to lure all of my blog-stalkers (lurkers) out of hiding with my first ever give-away.  And the more people who enter the more I'll have to give away.  So practice your commenting today and tell me something that is your favorite part of Christmas 2008.


Grace said...

The thing I miss most about Christmas is being young and my grandfather being alive. Everything just seemed more exciting. Now nothing seems like Christmas anymore. (I know that doesn't answer your question).

Kerri said...

My favorite part of Christmas is just taking time to slow down and be with family and friends. The older we get the harder that seems to be though.

Aside from that uplifting thought, :-) there is just something magical about Christmas time with little kids... they make it all better somehow. I love being around kids at Christmas... doesn't matter who's kids they are. Just asking them what Santa is going to bring them (or brought them) just lights up their face and brings a smile to mine.