Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Wonderful Summertime

I love Summer. No, I don't enjoy the weather over 85 degrees. Nor do I enjoy the fact that my yard could pass for the Sahara. However, I do enjoy the food. There is nothing on Earth tastier than an all vegetable supper that came straight from the family garden. It's not quite like it used to be because I now have to cook it myself (mom gives me raw vegetables and I then have to cook them) nor do I have the variety (no okra, tomatoes, squash) but it is still the most delish thing I eat all year long. In the past week I have had green beans and corn off the cob. Awaiting me in my ever so lovely (yet overcrowded) refrigerator are a few ears of corn on the cob. Maybe I'll see if Bets wants me to bring them on Friday and we can eat them with her and savor a little piece of Summer in Memphis. Or maybe I'll leave them here and savor them all by myself. But truly, nothing is better so I feel I must share...

To Mom and Dad...thanks for the garden, thanks for the memories, and thank you God for Summertime (and blessing me with the aforementioned.) I LOVE YOU ALL!

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