Monday, July 09, 2007

Tara, Please Call Your Friend

This morning I was getting ready and the phone rang. I answered. A young girl said, "Is Tara there?" I politely told her she had the wrong number. A few moments later the phone rang again. A different number showed up on caller ID so I answered. This time it was a woman who said, "Is Tara there?" I told her that she, too, had the wrong number. I go about my morning routine and I receive a call from yet a different number (actually it said "restricted" on my caller ID.) So I answered. Guess what? You got it. Tara still doesn't live here. I finish getting ready and as I am getting in my car, the phone rings with yet a different number on the caller ID. This time I don't answer. I am hoping that when it goes to voice mail and they hear my recorded message, "Hey this is Carrie and I can't get to the phone, yada, yada, yada..." they will realize they are not going to get Tara and stop calling. But no. They call back again. Since I am on my way to work and am getting tired of the game, I answer the 5th time. And the little girls says, "Is Tara there?" At this point I bit my tongue and told her that she still had the wrong number and to stop calling. Thankfully that ended it. I'm not sure if she thought that my continuing her quest to call me and ask for Tara that somehow Tara would appear, but alas it did not work. Maybe they thought that by calling from different numbers she would appear. Who knows. Had they called a 6th time (and quite possibly from a 5th number) I was going to take a message and tell her that I would give it to Tara the next time I see her. Since I know no Tara's I guess it wouldn't get delivered, but hopefully it would stop the calls. I assume they would start up again later, but at least it would have given me a slight break this morning.

So, Tara, if you are out there...please call your friend. She misses you.

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