Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Your Two Cents Please

Starting May 14 the US postal service wants your two cents worth. No, not your thoughts, but two more cents for every letter you mail. So, now I get to go buy some not so cute 2 cent stamps to pair up with my very cute Hershey Kisses stamps I bought last month. Sort of defeats the purpose of the cute stamp when I have to put a not cute stamp next to it. However there is some good news to this story. You will not be able to buy a forever stamp. You buy it at the going rate for stamps (which will be 41 cents) and it will alway be good. You won't need to put some not cute stamp next to it when the price of stamps goes up again in a couple of years. So, now I am trying to figure out how many stamps I use on average so I can stock up on these forever stamps. With interest rates as low as they are, I feel buying low is a much better option these days since my money is earning less than two cents in the bank.


jdoriot said...

I did not know about this! I really need to watch the news more often don't I?! LOL!!

Anonymous said...

They say the world is getting come postage keeps costing more?