Thursday, March 08, 2007

I Am Encouraged

1. I am encouraged by most of the comments to my recent blog. I was afraid that many of today's Christians and church-goers felt that asking a church membership to be obediant to God was wrong. Thank you, my friends, for encouraging me that it isn't all who feel this way.

2. I want to highlight a blog I stalk. This person knows I stalk their blog, in fact, I posted my first comment on it last night. At church there is an awesome ministry for 5th and 6th graders led by an awesome couple J and L. I have been reading both of their blogs for over a year, but have recently just introduced myself to them. I got to spend some time talking to J at Disciple Now this past weekend and thanked him for what he is teaching on in the 5th and 6th grade department now. They are learning manners! Hallelujah. Now, don't think J is neglecting teaching them the Bible as he does that with a passion like I haven't seen in a long time. But he is also teaching them how to be respectable citizens. So the guys are learning how to be gentlemen. The coolest thing is J is telling everyone so that when someone sees a 5th or 6th grade guy following the rules, they can tell J and the guy will be inducted into the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and they get the coolest t-shirt. Last night my friend R and I attended the first induction ceremony. It was awesome! Now, don't think the girls are excluded. This spring L is going to teach them how to dress modestly. I am so encouraged by these two people God is using to touch the lives of the next generation. You can read more about them at their blogs Live Out Loud and New Day, New Mercies.


jdoriot said...

Hi there! Thanks for these links...I visited both quickly but since I'm not supposed to be on the computer right now, I'll have to visit more later! lol!! I agree about the Evan EArly book...really wish I had known about it. I think we may purchase a copy for ETCH...unless they have it already. Or maybe purchase a few to give to the social workers to give out where they see appropriate...don't know...I'll have to pray about it some more!

Brian Parton said...

I would agree that J and L are doing a great job. There's a couple of sixth grade girls to whom i am particularly close that i have frequently heard talk about what they learned in that class. Kids that age, particularly, need to learn the life applications of the Bible. It's a tough time and i do appreciate the lessons they are taking from the class.