Monday, September 06, 2010

Another Goodbye

You know that to-do list I published. I might as well give myself until the end of the year. I've marked off 2 items. Oh well. Here's what I have done though:
1) Went camping
2) Slept in a tent
3) Roasted marshmallows
4) QT with the BFF
5) Made homemade peach ice cream
6) Grilled some steaks
7) Looked at the mountains
8) Stared at the stars
9) Walked to the cemetary to clean off my grandaddy's stone
10) Said goodbye to Bonnie

Yeah, that last one got you didn't it. "Bonnie? Who's Bonnie?" Well, meet Bonnie. She was our family raccoon for the past 3 months. My parents ave a long history of rehabbing wild animals. Bonnie came to them right before Father's Day this year. After several of weeks of feeding her, taking her for walks, and letting her sleep on the back porch (or in the recliner, the bed, or wherever else she foudn herself) she was ready to spread her wings and join her little raccoon friends in the wild.

Bon-Bon, your antics will be missed but you are where you belong. Enjoy the fresh crawdads!


Kerri said...

The things on your "done" list are a lot more important than about 99% of the things on your "to do" list. Those are the things you'll remember... the "good stuff."

And the raccoon thing is very cool!

Shanle said...

I'm glad I got to meet Bonnie and I'm glad she is back. I had a great time. Please thank your parents for letting me come.