Monday, September 20, 2010

Bucket List - Updates

1. I took a train trip. On Amtrak. It was cheap, I had plenty of legroom, and it got me from point A to point B on time and without the long security lines. Oh, and having one of my dearest, bestest friends meeting me at point B was fabulous.

2. Shuttle Launch - Scheduled. So, my good friend Adam hit the jackpot of both the ability to buy shuttle launch tickets and he gets to go to the TweetUp. I know he will enjoy that so much more than I would so I could not be happier for him. Especially since I get one of the launch tickets he isn't using. And he'll take great pictures and so I'll get to benefit from seeing them because I am not so good at taking pictures and so I'll get to enjoy his.

3. Season tickets to Broadway shows. So, More Lucy is totally to blame for me splurging and buying season tickets to the Broadway season here in the Low Country. I think she peer pressured me so she'd get some nights out. Hmm... but anywho, the tickets came and we have plans to see the first show shortly after the Shuttle Launch. Looking forward to a girls night out with one of my favorite bloggers whom I also know in real life.

2010 is proving to be a very good year for my bucket list. Here's the the good times that have been had and the good times I am looking forward to.

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Autumn said...

This just made me jealous of your life. Just thought you should know.