Sunday, June 27, 2010

You Won't Catch Me

Nope. You're not going to catch me doing the following things this Summer.

1. Twilight. I don't do vampires. That also goes for vampire TV shows on The CW and HBO.
2. Harry Potter. The only potter I do is "Potter"y Barn. And I do enough there I don't need any other potter in my life.
3. The Bachelor/Bachelorette/or whatever lame reality show is currently on. In fact, I really don't do reality TV. I used to watch SYTYCD, but even that is lame now that they changed all the rules, etc. and so forth.
4. Tanning. You may see me at the beach, but that's just so I can burn. It's what I do.
5. Peeing on the beach. I leave that to More Lucy's kids. (There will be a whole blog post on this woman soon. If you're not reading her, start. She's the best thing blogging since sliced bread.)
6. Riding a bike. I don't have one.
7. Eating oysters. I don't like them. Raw or fried. Yuck.


Kerri said...

I'm with you on all but 1. Twilight is my guilty pleasure and I have to admit I'm really excited about Eclipse. :-)

Oh and I do have a bike... but I've had it since middle school or high school (so probably at least 15 years) and the tires are dry rotted... so I don't think that counts.

Hope you have a good week!

Annette said...

Bwahahaha! Peeing on the beach! Well lady, if you ever decide to start, Caia's got some tried and true techniques up her sleeve...or her bathing suit.