Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Last Song

Thanks to Thanksgiving (haha) I had a few days off last week which meant I got to read a little bit. This is not to be confused with reading a lot because I have a cute as pie niece who needs attention too. But I did get to read and I chose the book The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks. This is his most recent book and was made into a movie before the book was released for purchase. And this is where my problem starts. You see, I know who plays the main character in the movie*. Knowing this, ruined the book for me. I loved the main character. I loved the story. In true Nicholas Sparks fashion I cried. The book was great. But I kept hearing the main character based on the person I know is playing her in the movie. Main character in book = 17 year old girl from NYC. Actress portraying her = not a NYC type of girl. At all. I wish I had not known this prior to reading the book. But alas, the book was good. The jury is still out on if I want to see the movie though.

* You can too. Just go to and search for the movie. I don't want to spoil anything for anyone.

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