Monday, September 29, 2008

Things That Make Me a Slacker Blogger

1) I don't post for almost a month (or more)
2) I miss important things like Shay's birthday
3) I forget to tell you that my mom and Connie were coming for a visit
4) And now they've left
5) I have a new favorite eating place: Poogan's Porch...brunch rocks!
6) Arynda and her man are coming this weekend. I finally get to meet the mystery guy.
7) My new house is almost completely moved into. Pics and a grand tour coming soon.
8) Not much else. I am praying about where God wants me and beginning to look at other churches to visit. Please be praying for me as I seek His will for where I should worship and serve.


Shanle said...

Will definately be praying for you and God's leading. Shay and I love Poogan's porch also. We ate there last time we visited. Hey pray for us because Shay is leaving on his trip Thursday and then my comps are a week from tomorrow. Love and miss you!

XieXie said...

I appreciate your bid to make me famous throughout the blogosphere. We look forward to seeing you sometime soon. Shay

Jesslie said...

You are not a slacker! We love your posts anyway we can get em!