Wednesday, September 03, 2008

In the Event of an Emergency should always have the following foods on hand:
  • Mini Nilla Wafers
  • Pop Tarts (brown sugar cinnamon and cookie dough)
  • Pretzel goldfish
  • Cheese and cracker Handi Snacks
  • Pitas
  • Almonds (regular and Wasabi Soy)
  • Bread
  • Water
  • M&Ms

And that my friends, is what you need to survive a hurricane. Or at least those were the things that appealed to us at Publix tonight. We did buy some hummus but it's in the fridge so I tried to focus only on the things which did not require electricity.


Adam Byram said...

Wow - good to know you're properly prepared now. I'm starting to think getting M&Ms might not be a bad idea here either - just in case Hanna makes a run for TN. :)

Kerri said...

Looks like the storm has lost some strength... but stay safe!!

Shanle said...

This is called blog neglect!