Saturday, June 30, 2007

Well, another week has come and gone. Here are some highlights:

1) Baby A appears to be doing well. She was back in the hospital last week for a few days, but is home now and doing better. I got to spend some time a couple of different days while she was down here just holding her and loving on her to give her sweet mother a break. Please continue to lift this family up in your prayers as they are going through a lot right now. I am so thankful that God is building up a friendship between her mother and I because I have had such an appreciation for her mother since she helped me dig my retainers out of the dumpster when I was in 6th grade.

2) Friend A is home from the mission field for a few days. She has been serving our Lord in Southeastern Kentucky through Big Creek Missions for most of this month. To hear her stories of salvations and doors that God opened during this trip was amazing. It is such a privilege to call her my friend.

3) I have another friend A who is serving in the Peace Corp in Cambodia. She has become infected with Dengue fever and is on bed rest for the next 2-3 weeks. There is no medication for this, but prayerfully, since they caught it early, she will be able to beat it. Please lift her and her family up in prayers. She is literally half a world away, and since I have no kids of my own, I can only try to fathom what her family is going through right now. On a lighter note regarding this friend, thanks to the internet, I was able to talk to her a couple of weeks ago using an instant messanger tool. Doesn't technology rock!?!?!?!

4) I've realized there are too many A's in my life. Baby A, 3 or 4 friend A's. I'm going to have to come up with a naming convention. Hmmm...suggestions anyone. (For those who know friend A in Cambodia, I'm considering referring to her as Spring. The rest of them, I have no clue.)

5) Cousin J made it home from Austria. Thanks to the weather she got to add a stop at the Tri-cities airport to her list of airports landed at on her way home, but she finally got to Knoxville late last Sunday night.... minus one suitcase. However, it too made it home the following day and was delivered to her door by the nice airport people. It was so exciting to watch her take this journey this Summer. Over and over I kept thinking how proud her daddy would have been to see her do this. I know he is looking down and smiling up his brave little girl.

She is now in Chicago and should have watched the Cubs beat the Brewers last night. I'm glad the Cubs won because she has loved them her whole life.

6) I'm still praying about my job situation. The company has given me the option of extending my last day by 2 months. This is STRESSING ME OUT! I don't care that they have let me go (in fact, I firmly believe that was God slamming a door shut because I wouldn't walk away on my own) but to make me choose my last date...this is worse than the first. Oh well. I have 1 1/2 weeks to make a decision.

7) Paul still hasn't posted.... but he did put a hilarious comic strip on his Facebook page. See it here:

Well, I've told you enough about me (and my friends and family) for this week. May you all have a very blessed weekend!

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Adam Byram said...

Geez, blogging on the weekend now? What are you going to do during work now that your post for the week is already online? :) I still say you shouldn't let the job thing stress you out either way - perhaps this is God's version of "driver's ed" for life decisions. He tells you to turn and twists the wheel a little, but now he just wants you to learn to steer wherever it is you need to go. :) In any event, 6 months from now, this will simply be one more story to tell your children one day and it'll all be alright. ;)