Monday, December 04, 2006

Let's Say Thanks

I was investigating a fraudulent email the other day. You know, the kind that says something bad will happen if you don't put your name on this list or such and such household cleaner will cause major harm to you and the people who live in a 10 mile radius of your house. So, I was on the Snopes website and was looking through their top 15ish or so most requested inquiries and I ran across this true website. It's You can go to this website and create a postcard which will then be printed by the Xerox(r) corporation and put in packages that go to the U.S. troops stationed overseas. The cool thing is that all of the designs were created by children! So, take some time and do this. It doesn't cost you anything monetarily and it will greatly brighten the day of someone who is far away doing their part to give you and I the freedom we so love and cherish.

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