Friday, September 01, 2006

Sweet Memories

Every Tuesday night is card night with my grandparents. We usually play with my aunt, but sometimes my cousin J or my friend J will join in on the festivities. This past Tuesday night as we were putting away the card table, my grandparents and I started singing old hymns. After I got all of the stuff put away, we broke out the old Cokesbury Hymnal and went through singing the songs we knew the tune of without the music. What a blessing this was to me for many reasons. To start, my grandparents know so many of the words. At a time in their life where we are dealing with them forgetting so many things, they still know the words to the "classics." Secondly, I got to hear my grandfather sing again. One of my fondest memories as a child was hearing him singe "O Holy Night" during the Christmas season. It was his solo during that time of year. Thirdly, it made them happy. They were comfortable singing these songs. It was something they knew how to do. And they weren't just sitting in their house feeling sorry for themselves or worrying about what might be going wrong with their health. I pray that God will bless me with many more sweet memories to add to the collection I already have of these dear people. I love you, Granny and Papaw!


jdoriot said...

You write so well... I really enjoy reading your posts!! This one is so tenderhearted...your grandparents are blessed to have you as their granddaughter. I love that you all set aside a night for cards this busy world there are so many of us that don't take the time for the things that are important. Thanks for the reminder!

Just_da_clay said...

I feel like I know your Grandparents from your writing. jdoriot is right they are blessed to have you and so are we!