Friday, September 22, 2006

"Clean" vs. Explicit

I recently purchased a CD off of iTunes. I had the option of buying the explicit version or the "clean" version. Because I don't completely understand why they should even make an explicit version I purchased the "clean" version. You are probably wondering why I am putting quotes around the word clean thus far into my blog. I am going to explain now. The CD I purchased was anything but clean. Yes, they removed the words that would have gotten it an R rating at a theater, but there will still PG-13 words as well as lyrics so suggestive that even my friend's 9 year old gave the CD back to her mom and said it was too gross. If you can't give a "clean" CD to a 9-year-old then should it even receive the label clean? Whatever happened to a song being on the Top 40 hit list and being able to know that it would be ok for your child to listen to the CD? I think it is a shame that this is what popular music in America has come to. These "musicians" pretend to be roll models to young children, yet they can't produce a product that is safe for their young ears.

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