Wednesday, September 20, 2006

I'm Back

Ok, I've been back from my so-called-vacation. I'm working through a few ideas for new posts, but nothing is complete yet.

News to report:

1) Kimberly-Clark will be letting approximately 200 people go from their Knoxville location. Doesn't look too promising for me. Just pray they keep me until January 1, 2007 so I can be fully vested. Thank you President Bush for signing new laws protecting us after 3 years of employment rather than the traditional 5. WooHoo!

2) Alzheimer's is the cruelest disease. Not to the person who has it because they don't know what is going on. But it is cruel to those who have to care for the person with it. But alas, God will get the glory for everything in the end.

3) B is coming to town this weekend. YEAH! She is bringing her friend S to a ballgame. B and S will be hanging at my house so it will be fun.

4) H moved in this weekend. It is nice having a roomie again. We are going to go on a diet/exercise regime together. I wonder how long we can make it last. I'm sure it will be the subject of future blogs as me having to cut out some of my favorite fast foods will not be fun.

5) Last home game for UT for a few weeks is this weekend. That means my feet will get a much needed break from standing behind a popcorn stand for 6+ hours until October. I am thankful for the extra money I am making, and thankful for the break I will be getting.

Well, that is more than I intended to post on. Wow! I guess I had more to say than I thought.


PL said...

You're back !!!

Just_da_clay said...

I have missed your blogs welcome back!! Have fun this weekend!

jdoriot said...

I'll be praying about the job situation...and glad you're back!!