Monday, June 17, 2013

A Garden Update

If you'll remember back to the beginning of the year, one of my goals was to plan a garden that would feed us beyond the growing season.  Well, it's June and the garden is in full force.  Right now we are enjoying salads every day or so with fresh spinach, arugula, and lettuce.  The peas are starting to pod out and the raspberries have made lovely snacks, salad additions, and pancakes.  Here are some shots of what's in store for the rest of the Summer.

 Broccoli before I replanted it for better spacing.

The pea trellis with netting hung.

Peas ready to grow up the netting.

The broccoli is growing and has been spaced appropriately.  We square bed garden (to an extent) and so one plant per square is more appropriate for growth.

 Spinach, perfect for a salad, pesto, or lightly sauteed with some pasta

View from the deck looking over the garden area.  Broccoli plants are the large ones on the left.  Cauliflower goes in a row next to the tall bed.  The tall bed will house carrots.  YUM!

The first pea pod!

The tomatoes are staked.  With the cooler weather here, I might see ripe tomatoes by then end of August.  Thank goodness for the weekly farmer's market!

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Whitney said...

Your garden looks awesome! I am impressed, and a little jealous of your tomato plants!