Thursday, May 16, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

Seriously, I just want to brain dump so that is probably the lamest post title ever.  But whatever.  I'm blogging, which is something, right?

1. Frontera -- I am seriously in love with this line of products by Rick Bayless.  The sauce mixes are so tasty.  It makes for the easiest meal.  In fact this week we have already had the red enchilada sauce and the green one will go down this weekend. We've also had the salsa.  True story: I love flying through Chicago because there is a Tortas Frontera restaurant in O'Hare.  A former co-worker clued me in to it, and I have been known to walk from E to B for food and back again.  Yes, it's that good.

2. Gardening -- I need to do a whole post on our garden.  If you'll remember, one of my goals for this year was to plan a garden that would feed my family for the Summer and beyond.  We are well on our way to achieving this goal, unless the slugs eat my plants.  Dern slugs.

3. Work -- It's been interesting for the past month or slow.  Anyone who knows me in real life knows that my job has been a little slow the past 9 months or so.  I am in between clients so I've been a jack of all trades helping out different departments with internal needs while supplementing with actual payroll work anywhere I can get added to a ticket.  However, about a month ago I was request to loan into our mobility group to help with testing (or breaking as I like to say) our new app.  It has been very eye-opening and interesting being involved in an app behind the scenes and what goes into making it work.  I know a lot of acronyms now, but don't ask me what they mean!  The work has been fun, but no worries, payroll is still my first love, this is just a fun "fling."

4. Food -- I bit the bullet a couple of months ago and got a haircut.  It's not that I dislike getting my hair cut, it's that I dislike finding someone who will cut it the way it needs to be cut since it has a mind of its own.  So I went, the guy was fabulous, and we spent 45 minutes discussing sports.  (Note: I am not a sports girl, but I know enough to be able to carry on a conversation with a guy which I have found is necessary to not go nuts when traveling with a bunch of guys.)  One question the guy did ask me before we dove into the world of sports was when I travel back to the South do I miss any food here?  The answer is a resounding "No."  I mean, yes, I would miss the local Thai restaurant we frequent and I would miss good Dim Sum, but here is what I really miss: Chic-Fil-A, Sonic, Firehouse Subs, Krystal and don't even get me started on the amazing food Charleston has to offer.  Oh, and Mexican restaurants here don't have queso.  There aren't even words for how wrong this is and how wronged I feel when I ask and they say no.

Yeah, so we'll end with that.  No queso.  No worries, I've pinned a couple of options on Pinterest and I'll learn to make my own queso.  And I'll eat it with my yummy Frontero enchiladas.  And all will be right with the world.  

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