Friday, May 10, 2013

Katie's Choice -- A Book Review

I have a love/eh relationship with Amish fiction.  I either love it of I'm like "eh, I read it, let's move on with life."  Katie's Choice falls into the first category.  This book really entertained me and made me think.  Told from the perspective of modern day journalist Zane Carson, a man used to covering stories or war, poverty,  and violence, the story dives into what makes Amish culture work.  The hard work, helping your neighbors, and kindness of the community all built around a faith in God.  Zane, who grew up an orphan raised by a detached uncle, this is his first experience in a community of people who love and help each other out without having to constantly watch that you are stepping into a trap to be fooled or taken advantage of.

The book follows Zane's evolution from someone removed from technology and the luxuries of the first world (electricity) to someone who realizes there is value in faith, a hard day of work, and helping your fellow man.  It also follow's Katie's journey from being a slightly older, single woman who feels called to help her brother raise his children to learning to give this outsider a chance.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone who loves a good story of the Amish culture, learning to live more simply, and simply the idea of God always giving us second chances, whether it's the choice to fall in love with Him or a second chance at love.

If you would like to read the first chapter of Katie's Choice by Amy Lillard, go HERE.

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