Thursday, September 13, 2012

Why I Pinterest

2 posts ago I explained why I don't do Facebook.  Today I'll tell you why I do embrace Pinterest.  If you're looking for a blog entry to justify why you don't Pinterest, look no further than my dear friend More Lucy.  She explains why she stays away from this particular area of the interweb.  And she's a much better writer than I am.  Please don't leave me for her.  

Here's the deal.  I like to cook.  (I do not like to clean-up.)  I like to do crafty things.  (I don't always finish them.)  I like to look at pretty things.  Over and over again.  I have bookmarks, and folders, and folders within folders of things I've been saving.  And I look at them every so often.  And sometimes I feel inspired and I make them.  So Pinterest for me, seemed like a pretty way for me to organize all my bookmarks into boards that were easy to see and keep track of.  Like file folders in my home.  You see, my home is never Martha Stewart clean.  It never will be.  I'm a realist.  However, if you need to find something in my home paper related, I'm 99.9% sure you can open my file cabinet, find the appropriately labeled green hanging folder, then the related manila folder within that folder to find what you need.  On Pinterest, if I want to find a recipe that I've pinned (ie bookmarked to Pinterest), I just go to that board and find my recipe.  Makes me happy.

Now, do I have any aspiration that I will ever make 98% of the crafts I've pinned?  No.  Do I think I'll ever organize my house the way 98% of the organizational tips I've pinned would have me do it.  No.  But I will probably cook 50% of the recipes or some version of them.  Right now I am not too into doing these because I'm trying to eat food in my house rather than buying new food.  But I did take this recipe the other night as an inspirational starting point to use up some quinoa and carrots I had.  However, I was craving pizza so I dipped mine in pizza sauce.

Oh, and the best part...more boards!  Once I started making recipes, I created a board of things I've cooked and liked.  If I didn't like them they were deleted from the board.  Case in point, some shrimp marinade that everyone claimed was amazing and was so bland I felt bad for the shrimp that they met their maker soaking in it.  But if I did like them and would consider making them again, they get repinned to the board of winners!  Then I can easily find them again.  And I can make notes either in the pin or the comments on what I changed (if anything.)

So, that concludes why I Pinterest, even though my house will never look like this and I will never have this bathroom.  But still, a girl can dream, right?

P.S. If you want to follow me on Pinterest and see what crazy things I'm thinking of cooking or how I plan to remodel the house (haha) you can find me here.

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Autumn said...

Funny... the one social media I don't do at all and you fully embrace. Sigh...good thing we have apricot face scrub to keep us friends.

(Also change it at the top where it say why you don't pinterest... :-))