Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Gift Tags

This past week I spent some time in the glorious hills of East Tennessee.  Due to the fact that it is HHH (hazy, hot, humid) there most of my time was spent indoors.  I recently have attended several baby showers and after purchasing gifts/cards/etc. I was trying to figure out how to cut costs a little.  I'd rather keep the same gifts but I figured the card was an added expense that could be reduced.  So I made the trek across town to Hobby Lobby where much to my delight cardstock was 50% off.  I picked up some browns, grays, and purples to go with some green and pick wrapping paper I have.  Using my mom's Cricut, this is a sampling of what I was able to create. 

The grays and purples were my first attempts.  I must admit I'm much happier with the tags I created out of the brown cardstock.  And the best part is, on a few of them I was able to incorporate the actual wrapping paper!  I always save my wrapping paper scraps for my niece to do craft projects with and decided I would take a few inches for myself.  I bought some colors to do Christmas tags last year so I think in November I'll be making a few more tags to go with my Christmas wrapping paper as well.  

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Whitney said...

Super cute! I had fun hanging out tonight! Looking forward to tomorrow!:)