Thursday, June 09, 2011

I Love My Hair

If you know anything at all about me you know two things: I am low maintenance and I have high maintenance hair.  It's a naturally kinky/curly/frizzy mess that's about 6 inches longer than I normally keep it. Each hair is actually thin but there are so many of them I am considered to have thick hair.  Yeah, I know it doesn't look like it, but tell that to the hair dresser who always had to mix up extra color back in the day because they underestimated the thickness.

Anyways, I have never "loved" my hair.  I had one good haircut the Summer after my senior year of high school but the hairdresser couldn't even replicate it 6 weeks later.  She was an "artist" and never did listen to me.  Needless to say I moved on.  I can dry it straight in the winter, but once Summer rolls around I just have to succumb to ponytails and frizzies.  I've tried every over the counter product on the market and they all fail to deliver.

So back up a couple of years and my dear friend Autumn comes home from a two year stay in the tropics of Asia.  And she comes home with stick straight hair that DOES NOT HAVE TO BE BLOW DRIED.  WHAT?  I mean, she has the naturally curly hair just like me.  How did this happen?  (Cue mucho jealous music here because I was.  I wanted her hair.)

So I started doing some research because I figured it would cost me way too much money to fly to the tropics of Asia to have this done.  I am all about travel, but since I no longer had a good reason to go there now that she was stateside I needed to find a plan B.  I started doing some research and came across some options that were both pricey and seemed as if they would do permanent damage to my hair.  Since the main reason my hair is so long now is because I want to donate it, I figured doing damage to it would not be beneficial to my goal.

Cue current day.  I learned about Keratin hair treatments.  I learned that they don't damage your hair and they are really expensive.  Another thing to know about me.  I will drop money on a nice meal, but I am low maintenance.  Therefore my hair shouldn't be expensive.  Well, thanks to Living Social I got a deal.  A Keratin treatment at a salon I had been perusing their website showed up in my inbox one morning and I jumped on it.  I waited until the weather started getting humid and booked my appointment.  My research told me this would last 6-8 weeks.  I needed it to get me through July at least but due to travel I needed to make my appointment in May.  So I did.  And after 3 hours of sitting in a chair having my hair soaked in the treatment then dried and flat ironed I had straight hair.

I can now let my hair air dry (a little wavy, but no frizz!) or I can blowdry it almost perfectly straight.  If I want it to look super straight I can use the flat iron but for the most part it's easy, peasy, 1-2-3sy.  And frizzies?  Yeah, they went bye-bye too.  So, if you have problem hair and you can find a Groupon, I highly recommend the Keratin hair straightening.  The best part is, my stylist said if I take good care of it (ie use the good shampoo) it could last 3+ months.  Now that's what I'm talking about!   


Whitney said...

It worked great on your hair! It looks awesome! And you did so well for the 3 whole days that you could not touch it. I was really proud of you!:) Now, will you come home? We miss you on the east coast!

Shanle said...

You may have found something to splurge on in the summers! Once a year wouldn't be bad.

amanda said...

just be careful with those keratin treatments... most of them have formaldehyde in them and are not only terrible for you, but terrible for the environment as well... pravana makes one that is super safe, formaldehyde free and takes less than half the time to process. :)

Autumn said...

I wish there were alerts for when you post on the blog....I forget to check and then I find this. It made me laugh because *cue the jealous music* I am now the one sitting here with frizzy, curly hair.