Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Full House, An Overflowing Heart

Currently my community of RiverChurch friends/family are participating in our latest LoveGave event by painting Mary Ford Elementary school in North Chucktown.  I however, have to work during the day.  I wish I had the luxury of unlimited vacation days, but I pretty much know on January 1 of each year where my whole allotment of vacation days will go.  So I'm signed up at night to work with my community.  However, during the day, while working my regular full time job, 8 different children between the ages of 4 months and 6 years will step through my doors.  Yep.  You read that right.  8 kids.  In my house.  The only kid normally in my house has 4 legs and looks like a shrunken sheep dog right now.  So what have I done?  I've borrowed, begged, and stopped just short of stealing.  If you walked in right now you would see:

1 high chair, 1 bumbo, 2 pack and plays, a bouncy seat and a swing.  In the back of my SUV are a toddler stroller and an infant stroller.  I have formula and baby food. Bottles and spoons.  In 2 1/2 days this week I've fed 5 bottles and a jar and a half of infant food.  Changed multiple diapers and wiped even more snotty noses.  More than 10 naps have been taken and 800 questions asked.  (Did you know a 3 year old can ask 15 times for a banana in less than 15 seconds?  Where is the Guiness Book of World Records when you need them?)  And these moms pick their kids up and go home and do even more than that.  My hats are off to you all!

But more than all the things that are filling my house are the memories that are filling my heart and mind.  The grins I get from the 4 and 6 month old, the snuggles from the 3 year olds and the joy from the fun stuff I can do with the 6 year old when all the calm has settled.  I am thankful I can give Cah-son a banana or a cookie or some chocolate milk.  I can watch the 6 year old mature and share and collaborate on her artwork with the smaller kids and not scream "It's MINE!"  I observed the 13 month old loving on the 6 month old and the 3 year old big sister being protective by saying "Don't hurt my baby sister."

So my schedule and my house are very full.  But my heart is overflowing.  

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Tricia F said...

Carrie, that's so cool that you're watching all those kiddos. Glad you are having fun! I know all the Mommas appreciate you!