Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Letter to October

Dear October,

I used to love you.  You provided me with my favorite niece Doodlebug and favorite cousin Jennifer.  Let's not forget great friend Autumn either.

It used to be that I could count on you for cooler temperatures.  Yesterday, the heat index was 88.  Today the heat index is 88.  October, this is just wrong.  I need low 70s.  I need 0% humidity.  You see, October, you are the month that begins allowing me to wear my hair straight.  Today, the humidity is 69%.  This is not cool.

I have looked at the 10 day forecast and apparently you are going to play the tease and have a high of 69 on Friday.  But Sunday, the last day of your month?  77.  Ridiculous.

So, October I want you to think long and hard on what a huge responsibility you carry each Fall.  And I want you to think about how you have failed me this year.  And next year, well next year I'm anticipating you being on much better behavior.




Jesse and Leslie said...

I am soooooo in agreement with this letter! WHERE ARE YOU FALL TEMPS?????????????????? I am done with you summer!!!

Autumn said...

Ahem. Thank you for recognizing the historic greatness of October. I think you have indeed brought up some valid points (my hair was in full i-don't-care-what-you-do-i'm-gonna-curl mode today)however at the same time, I believe that you are missing half of the gift of October. It's the time when God is an artist and goes through his red,orange and yellow phase. That is the only thing saving October for me right now while hanging out in the mid 70's and near absolute humidity. I guess it could be worse. There could be enough snow on the ground to snow shoe on the last day of October...oh wait....