Friday, December 11, 2009

Stressed but Blessed

So lately I feel like I've been at my wits end. I've missed my family and friends more lately than any time since I moved away. It's weird to me that all of these feelings would hit 2 years later, but it's true. I know there is a reason I am here, but some days I just want to move home and live with mom and dad. I'm not sure what I'd do, but I'd figure something out. Except I know that's neither realistic nor what God has planned for me right now so here I am. So, what I try to do when I get discouraged and stressed is think on what I have that others don't. So, in an attempt to be optimistic (when I really just want to throw the biggest pity party for one on the East coast) here are some things I'm thankful for:

  1. My salvation, because honestly that's all I need.
  2. Socks that mostly don't have holes in them.
  3. Verizon, email, and Facebook (even though sometimes Facebook annoys me.) All of these things keep me so very connected to those I love and helps with the loneliness.
  4. A roof over my head and blankets on my bed. So many do not have these luxuries, even here in our own country.
  5. Food in my pantry and refrigerator. Even though most of the time it's not what I'm craving, it is there and I can eat it to sustain myself.
  6. People who love me. And who tolerate me calling them daily or ranting when I just feel down about life. Or who make fun of me for being terrified of shots, but being willing to do whatever it takes to help me through that. Who just plain love me for me and not for whom others expect me to be.
  7. The ability to buy a plane ticket to fly half way around the world to see one of my dearest friends.
  8. A job. Even though 9 days out of 10 I am so stressed out that I just want to walk away, I know I am blessed to have this opportunity and that I am learning more and growing more in my abilities daily. Even when I feel like I've lost every single brain cell that connects what little I do know to the other little I know.
  9. Christmas china. I love that for 1 month out of the year I get to pull it out of storage and feel like I'm dining like a princess. Even if I'm dining on Easy Mac or Captain Crunch Christmas Crunch.
So there you go. Just a few little things I think about that I can focus on when I start pity-partying like it's 1999.


Jesse and Leslie said...

A great reminder to count our blessings! Thank you C!!

Kerri said...

**HUGS** Carrie. Thanks for the reminder of how blessed we are despite whatever we may be dealing with in the here and now.

Hope you have a wonderful holiday season!