Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I Could Be in the Record Books

But I'm not. This weekend I went to Bristol Motor Speedway for the race under the lights. It is the pentultimate nighttime race in the series. For years they have done a card stunt where you have a card on your seat and you raise it up at a certain time and it makes a picture. For the past few years it has been only in turns 1 & 2 that they did this. However, this year they wanted to get it in the record books so all 160,000 seats had a card on them. So, where was Carrie during all of this record breaking you say? She was in the pits. Below are pictures of the two card stunts. The first one was done during the National Anthem (160,000+ singing it will send chills up and down your spine regardless) and the second was while the drivers were getting in the cars.

In this picture, my actual seat is direction north of the "M" in Million.

More to come on this exciting weekend. Oh and I bought a digital camera so expect more pictures on my blog. :-)

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jenny-up the hill said...

I am such a dummy...I've been trying to figure out how a card takes a picture of someone...and you even gave me a photo! lol!! I probably need some therapy!

We stay away from BMS...we live close by...however, you can always catch us in our front yard watching the planes get lined up to fly over the speedway...and I'm such a softie because I stand there and cry...over planes flying overhead! lol!!

Can't wait to see more photos!!

btw, I'm very slowly moving to my own domain. www.jennyupthehill.com so come visit me over there!