Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Where's Carrie?

I have been crazy-busy the last couple of weeks so not a lot of time for blogging. I have been having a (mostly) wonderful time enjoying my life and the good friends God has so graciously blessed me with. The weather has cooperated so that I have been able to play tennis with good friends twice in the last couple of weeks. We're going again tonight and that makes me happy. It probably doesn't make A, P, and JM happy because they'll have to chase down all the erratic balls that I hit everywhere. Hopefully the guy who steals our tennis balls won't be on the court next to us this week. We also have a fourth person to play now which makes life a little easier as well. I am in the midst of planning two vacations. My friend J and I are going somewhere.... anywhere... just get us out of this state. Then I am going with another group to Charleston at the end of May. Traveling makes me happy. :-) Still no updates on the job front. I really need to start pursuing this more than I have been. I finally got a rejection letter from the job I had applied for last fall and had all the interviews for. Oh well. God will provide, but I have to do some work on my end as well. I have posted a link to my 2007 goals. I am not doing very well on most of them, but I am still trying. I guess that is the point of goals. Something to strive for. Hmmm... I need to post them on my fridge so I have a more visual reminder of them in front of me daily. Well, I better go now and get some work done. Later.

Update on 2007 Goals.

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Paul said...

Carrie! You've blogged again!