Thursday, May 04, 2006

What's in a Name?

Ok, so I've admitted that I blog stalk. I enjoy the different blogs I read, some for entertainment value, others for the insight into God's word. But I must admit that this morning I blog stalked an entry (A Boy Named Sue) that really disturbed me. Now, since I don't know the person I am going to retaliate on here. After all, isn't the purpose of stalking to not get caught? So, this person decided to make fun of unique names. Now, I will admit that I have made fun of some names in my time. There is a lady at work who chose a unique name for her daughter that I personally do not care for. But I would never say that out loud nor to her face. I have several friends who have unique names. A and S are special to me and I can't imagine their names being anything other than what they are. Now, in reference to my friend J's blog on our identities, would A and S be as special to me if their names were Ann and Beth? Yes, but they aren't. And to me part of who they are is their name. So, please don't make fun. After all, your sons will probably marry girls who have "different" names just because you don't like them.

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jemima56 said...

Enjoyed your comments on 'whats in a name.Thought a while ago of this theme for a short talk at my church.Some of us do this form time to time.
Enjoy your home,......close to the sea.Love the sea.lm 30 mins walk away which isnt too bad.
Hope your week goes well!