Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Favorite Kitchen Gadgets

The Mr. and I are packing up the kitchen so we can start a big remodel/overhaul of the space.  While the prospect of the new kitchen has me giddy with excitement (gas cooktop, double ovens, loads of quartz countertops) the process of getting to the end result means everything must be packed away.  We're turning an upstairs room into a makeshift kitchen (picture your college dorm room with a microwave on a desk) and we'll be utilizing the grill, crockpot, and electric griddle/panini press quite a bit from late April through June.  To ease the packing nightmare, I started boxing up the non-essentials a few weeks ago.  It's been fun seeing what we really don't use, what we can get by without, and holding onto the things we really do love and making do with those items.  As I use the few items that are left out, I thought I would highlight for the 3 of you who still read this blog 3 items I've picked up over the past year, which are still out and being used regularly.

Disclaimer: none of these are affiliate links, I won't get any rewards from Sur La Table or Pampered Chef, I just chose to link you directly to these items in case you want to procure them for yourself.  Each time you use them you can think kind thoughts of me and that is payment enough.

1. Chef's Planet Clip and Drain

 This handy gadget clips onto any size pot to drain pasta, water from hard boiled eggs, etc.  I love that you can just clip it on and don't have to try to hold the strainer and the pot which some models require.  A definite top purchase of the past year.  

2. Chef'n Garlic Zoom Chopper

This little bad boy will mince garlic or ginger in no time flat.  A bit of a pain to clean with the tiny blades inside, but worth the hassle for the ease of mincing garlic or ginger when a recipe calls for it.  You might even be able to chop a small batch of herbs in this bad boy.  I've seen these at several big box and department stores, so these are easy to grab many places.

3. Microwave Grips

Do not let the name fool you, these are good for everything from lifting bowls out of the microwave, to moving a pan around in the oven, to lifting the hot lid off a pot on the stove.  These sit right by our cooktop and are used several times a week.  The ability to pinch the edge of pan and lift it straight up will also come in handy once our new microwave is installed as it will be a drawer rather than a door.  I can't wait!!!!!

So there you have it.  3 things I absolutely love and am thankful that I splurged on each of them.  

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