Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday Funny

Anyone who knows my family knows that my dad is the king of practical jokes, stories, and any such antic involving the above.  He and I have been known to scheme, but we rarely try to pull things over on him.  So this morning, Doodlebug had a friend over, and was playing a joke on her.  My parents recently made some changes to their cable and now have two remotes.  Doodlebug told her friend that if she talked to the TV it would turn on, change channels, etc.  However, there was a remote hidden under a blanket that Doodlebug was using to control everything.  My dad walked in while this practical joke was occurring and started saying channels as well and the TV went where he said.  Later, my mom walks into the living room and my dad is standing there saying "TV on."  And of course nothing happens.  He said "C, did you change anything on the TV?"  And she said "No, what are you doing."  So he replied "The voice commands aren't working now."  So they yell for Doodlebug to come downstairs and he asks her what she did to the TV to make the voice commands stop working.  I promise, if my parents had hidden cameras, I would pay them $50 a viewing to watch my dad standing in front of the TV commanding it to come on followed by Doodlebug explaining how she was playing a trick on her friend (which ended up making the friend mad.)  The best part is, she had no idea she was pulling one over on him too...just an innocent trick against a 10 year old friend ended up getting the best of a 63 year old man.  Made. My. Day.

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