Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Quick Update & Intentional Giving #2

Yes, I'm alive.  Very much alive, very much ENGAGED, but more to come on that.  I promise not to bore you with details you don't care about, but I will give you some details.  Like I bet you want to see a picture of the Mr.  Am I right?  Yeah, I thought so.  You'd probably also like to know that I no longer live in the low country.  Yeah, updates, updates, updates.  However, it is more imperative that I do an intentional giving update first because you can participate and have a chance to win an ipad 2!

In my last post I talked about supporting my friends who were adopting internationally.  This time I want to focus on a couple who are adopting domestically.  I love that I have people in my life that God is guiding down the same road but through different paths.  It's always amazing to see Him work out who He wants to raise the baby in China and the baby down the street.  Like Peter & Tanya, I met Matt & Tricia through church.  Tricia is a rock star when it comes to helping with the children's ministry and she has now taken over my beloved job of scheduling the volunteers.  (Saying extra prayers for you Tricia!)  Even if you can't make a donation now, take the time to stop and pray for those families who are waiting on babies with paper pregnancies and even lift up those who have just brought new ones home as they acclimate themselves to a new environment and lifestyle.

So until the next post be thinking of ways you can pay it forward, with even the simplest thing like holding open a door for someone.  


Autumn said...

Hooray a blog post! I love to see your blog in my reader!

Tricia F said...

Thanks Carrie!

ENGAGED!?!?! Congratulations! I think that you definitely need to update about this. And yes, a picture would be wonderful. :)