Friday, January 01, 2010

A Walk Down Memory Lane

Wow...2009, you sure did come and go rather quickly. I hardly felt like we had time to really enjoy each other. However, I'm going to try to recap some of the highs and lows of what we experienced.

January -- My first big New Years Eve. I went to Memphis and realized that I am not a big New Years Eve kind of girl. Yes, I had fun and made memories, but wearing my pjs is a lot more fun. I turned 30 exactly half way through the month and surprisingly it was not as traumatic as I thought is might be. I was able to spend the weekend with my mother and I believe we have decided that we shall do a low-key girls weekend every year. I look forward to the memories I will have with her during these times.

February -- I went to Dallas, TX, for the first time ever. I was there for work but was able to see one of my friends from high school as well as a friend who had moved there from Charleston. I also made a new friend. I was asked if I went to a local high school (which did my 30 year old heart good) and had some amazing Greek food, cupcakes, and fish tacos. I also watched Slumdog Millionaire the same day it won all the Oscars and completely believe it deserved every single one of them.

March -- March brought the start of a new friendship that I am still cultivating. I have been challenged in may ways by this friendship, but most of all this friendship is teaching me to love as Jesus would love.

April -- I received my hammock in April. And though I have not used it as much in the past few months (I refuse to leave it out in the rain, and it seems everytime I get it out it starts raining) I have enjoyed it and am glad I was able to purchase it.

May -- I went home for Mother's Day and ended up staying a week for my great-aunt's funeral. My grandfather is now the only child left from his family of 9. He was the youngest and the only boy to survive childhood. It was the end of an era as there is now a vacancy at the house on the "Aunt Hill" that I still can't shake. I am also the only person who inherited something that costs me money: the dog. She's a hoot though and I'm thankful she gets to lay beside me a snore.

June -- Oh, the month of weddings. I went to TN for a week and spent most of my time at weddings. It started out with a lovely fairy-tale wedding and reception on a Friday night between my best guy friend and his lovely bride. Then I was able to spend the weekend in the mountains with my family. The following weekend brought me to two weddings in two states for the same couple. Um, yeah.

July -- The S.S. Scotts came to visit for the 4th of July and it was truly one of the best 4ths ever in my opinion. We partook of good food (including some rice krispie treats), the local architecture and history, the beach, and fireworks. We also just had fun vegging out and being together. I personally think they should make this an annual thing, but that's up to them. (hint, hint, nudge, nudge.) Mom, J, and Doodlebug also came for their annual beach trip.

August -- August means night racing and to Bristol I went. A coworker and her husband had the seats next to me and we had a blast. I also got to stay with my baby cousin at her new apartment in the city she's attending grad school. It's so weird to think my baby cousin is off living on her own now.

September -- I started off the month with a trip to the mountains for the annual Labor Day camping extravaganza. My friend Melissa joined me this year and we had a blast. The end of the month saw me heading to Atlanta to see Matt Nathanson (he was opening for a little band called Sugarland.) He was every bit as good live as I had hoped. I also got to hang out with the AB-meister and see her new pad.

October -- I left Atlanta and headed north to K-town. I spent a couple of days visiting with the SS Scotts and McAmis' then headed over to Mom & Dads. Mom, Dad, and I spent a whole day looking at campers for me. The day ended with me trading my car for a vehicle capable of pulling said camper when I buy one. Doodlebug turned 7. Wow, time sure does fly. Arynda ended up riding back to the low country with me and her family joined the next day. I got to spend some time with my two of my favorite red-headed boys and being their favorite "Aunt." I ended the month in Denver with a dear, dear friend whom I had not seen much in almost 3 years. It was a great time of fellowship, snowshoeing, and seeing Wicked. If you have not seen this musical, you should. One of the true classics on stage and it's only a few years old.

November - My cousin settled into is new life in Alaska. That meant spending holidays and his birthday away from home. It was a Thanksgiving full of thankfulness, but also of sadness as we looked around and missed the faces that were no longer with us.

December -- The plane finally flew! After watching people toil over this bird for the last 2+ years (and the years they worked on it before I was involved), to stand in a room with them and see all those years of hard work finally take wing and fly was a moment I hope to always cherish. I was able to go home for the Christmas break, but alas a life in payroll keeps you from really taking a break this time of year. It was fun surprising my family with some of their gifts, and of course seeing Christmas through the eyes of a child.

As we start 2010, I am challenged by the words my boss shared with me during my recent evaluation. He said that at a seminar they held at his church the speaker said you should "be the best version of yourself." I know so many times over the year I fail at this. But I will continue to strive toward this "best version" the only way I know how. By continuing to study the Word, talk to the Father, and cherish what He has given to me. I know that the new year will bring new adventures (a trip I hope to tell you about soon), new challenges (life is always presenting me with these), and the turning of my house into a home. I look forward to spending more time with my family, developing new friendships, cultivating old friendships, and continuing my quest to remove things from my life that are not necessary and adding to it things that are so value added I see the blessings both during this year and as I reflect back on them in the years to come.

May 2010 bless you, my two readers, in ways that you may only realize as you reflect back on it at the end of the next 365 days.


Grace said...
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Grace said...

You forgot the most important thing. That you got a new roommate!

Kerri said...

What a great way to remember the year. It sounds like it was a great one and I hope 2010 is even better for you!