Monday, October 20, 2008

Amy Beth, So Fabulous

So, anyone who reads this blogs knows I'm a stalker. And for the past month or two (or three or four) I have been reading the blog Ministry So Fabulous! This girl rocks. In more ways that one. God put a burden on her heart while she was but a young college student, and she has turned that burden into Starlite ministries. So, before I tell you how you can help Amy Beth with her Ministry So Fabulous! I want to tell you a bit about why I have been drawn to her blog.

  1. He called. She answered. And Starlite was born.

  2. She has an imaginary boyfriend.

  3. She cheats on imaginary boyfriend with Trey.

  4. She shows a Jesus-like love to those whom others might not.

  5. My heart has been broken like hers. So I cry with her when I read her blog and pray God will show her why this too will pass and she'll be O.K.

  6. Her hair goals are to have hair volume like Beth Moore.

  7. She calls processed nacho cheese PNC. How cute is that?

So, I ask, how could you not love this girl. So, this is where I tell you how you can help Amy Beth. Go read this post about an awesome, easy, and FREE way for you to help Amy Beth raise some money for Starlite. After all, what is a ministry for girls without the funds for PNC.

1 comment:

Amy Beth @ Ministry So Fabulous! said...

Well isn't this the sweetest thing ever! Thank you! :)